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The Luckiest

I know I said I was going to unplug, but I missed you. The luckiest = me. Why? Let’s make a list: 1. I’m currently enjoying my coffee in a cozy robe just waiting to get out into the sunlight … Continue reading

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It’s Friday, Friday

Thanks for putting up with my gloomy/mopey/nervous mash-up yesterday. I had a few conversations with friends about anxiety, and it actually felt really good to be reminded that this isn’t a cheese standing alone situation. I have the best friends. In other more … Continue reading

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I have to tell you something.

Nights are hard for me sometimes. I know; this sounds bizarre. Nights should be the best part of the day! I mean, I get off of work at 5:00pm (I know, I know… it’s super legit). I get home, have a tiny snack, sometimes make … Continue reading

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Scenes from a Birthday Weekend

It was GREAT. Seriously, great. I know birthdays get lamer and lamer as you get older, but I must say, I had one of the best weekends ever. On Friday, we had dinner at a delicious new small plates restaurant … Continue reading

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