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Every Time I Eat Something Green

  An angel gets her wings. That’s why I’ve been eating this spinach dip (originally posted by Eileen) on the reg. I’ve made it on Sunday for the last two weeks, and we nibble on it all week long. It’s … Continue reading

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Girl Crushing: Zooey Deschanel

I have become obsessed with Zooey Deschanel. It all started this past fall when we started watching New Girl (because, as you’ve heard, we had zero mutual shows). Let me start by saying that this show is funnnnyyy, and I … Continue reading

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Cards Against Humanity

Everyone and their dog have been talking this game UP since I got back from Christmas vacation. Have you heard of it? When I’ve asked people to explain what the hype is all about, they usually laugh and start to … Continue reading

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The Everygirl

Remember how I said on Friday that, after doing the 100 Things exercise, I’d realized that I really wanted to write more? Well, I’d also written down “work with The Everygirl“. This site has become one of my most beloved … Continue reading

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