It’s Friday, Friday


Thanks for putting up with my gloomy/mopey/nervous mash-up yesterday. I had a few conversations with friends about anxiety, and it actually felt really good to be reminded that this isn’t a cheese standing alone situation. I have the best friends.

In other more exciting news, I have a BIG FAT HUGE vacation coming up. It starts tomorrow. I’m too excited to sleep. Here’s my skedge:

December 15 – 21: ski trip with Drew’s classmates in Colorado (complete with four costume parties, including “Oregon Trail” night.. yes, I’ll take pictures.)

December 21 – January 1: home to Texas for Christmas and New Years! (I will do nothing but hold my baby niece who I haven’t seen in six LONG months.)

Isn’t this ridiculous? Who gets to take this kind of vacation? TEMPS AND STUDENTS, I tell you. See? I’m finding the silver lining everywhere. Life is lookin’ real good today.

I’m not entirely sure if I’ll be blogging on vacation. I know I will miss it dearly–it’s become my most favorite thing. But, I’m thinking that an extended unplug sesh might be just what the doctor ordered.

So, in case I don’t make it back here, I want to wish you lots and lots of merry and bright.  I can’t wait to catch up with you in 2013! (OMFG how is it 2013 already? It feels like the future…)

photograph by Gray Malin
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