Baked Tilapia With Spicy Coconut-Cilantro Sauce


I make tilapia all the time. It’s relatively cheap, hard to screw up, and pretty healthy, too. I generally bake it in foil with some lemon, halved cherry tomatoes, olive oil, salt, and pepper, which is pretty reliable but boring. Last night, I decided to throw Drew the curve ball of his life and top the fish with a spicy sauce before popping them in the oven.

This dish has a substantial kick (for those of you who aren’t used to eating jalapeños), and it was a welcome change from our routine. Also, in the  moment—you know, THE moment when the person you’ve cooked for mentally registers whether this dish is a keeper or disgusting—Drew did the bug-eyed smile thing. It’s a keeper, people.

Tip: Pour your leftover coconut milk into ice cube trays, freeze, and store in a plastic bag for future use.

Word of caution: Don’t be a fool and touch your face after de-seeding a jalapeño  You’ve been watching Food Network for 10 years. You know better.


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Gap Is Killing It

I stopped into Gap yesterday (right after a walk along the lake in the GORGEOUS weather we had this weekend), and I wanted to spend one million dollars. I didn’t try anything on because I was a little gross from our walk/run, but I did 3+ laps to commit a few summer items to memory. I am most definitely going back today—almost everything is on sale (so no need to spend a million!) Here are some pretties I’m contemplating, all under $75.


1. gray floral skinnies; $59.99 // 2. pink jacquard shorts; $34.99 // 3. mint skinnies; $39.99 // 4. geometric shorts; $26.99


1. striped tassel scarf; $29.95 // 2. bird print scarf; $29.95 // 3. striped canvas tote; $39.95 // 4. mint envelop clutch; $39.95 // 5. two-tone canvas tote (I MUST HAVE THIS); $49.95

thehistoryofever_gap_31. spotted flats; $49.95 // 2. strappy sandals; $39.95


1. heather gray cardigan; $44.95 // 2. striped knit sweater; $54.95 // 3. tie-waist skirt (July 4th perfection); $39.99 // 4. coral maxi dress; $69.95

Online sizes are running out quick (which is really, really annoying), but if you DO find your size, you can get 40% off today by entering GAPEGG at checkout. I saw tons of sizes in the store yesterday, and luckily they’re offering 40% off, too. HURRYUP 5 o’clock. Gotta shop.

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Wallet Friendly

Last week, my friend Becca was in town visiting, and we spent one day of her trip mosying around Chicago, looking for… something. You know that type of shopping day when you have absolutely nothing on your “Need/Want” list, but you know for damn sure you’re going to be making a purchase? This was my attitude.

Luckily, I stumbled across this beautiful wallet at Cynthia Rowley’s little store in Wicker Park. I was shocked/thrilled to learn that it was only $55! I mean, I HAD to buy it at that point. It’s genuine leather, has a variety of pockets, and BONUS, there’s a little gold change purse that slips out (for people like me who never, ever, ever empty their change purse.) Such a good deal.


My poor brown leather wallet has seen better days and I figured that after six years, it was time to retire her. She had a good run. I can’t bring myself to throw it away, though. That wallet has seen some things. 


Happy happy Friday!!! I absolutely cannot WAIT for today to be over–pretty excited about my weekend. Have a good one!

p.s. What do you think about the new look? Handwritten font by Molly Jacques.  More on this next week!

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My New Thing: Non-Dairy Decadent Dessert

My sweet tooth has been rearing it’s ugly head lately. Like, seriously, it’s really ugly. With the Chicago weather continuing to suck, my hot chocolate habit has gotten… worse. I won’t go into detail; just know that I’m telling you the truth.

SO. I’m doing what any rational person would do when trying to recover from an addiction—moving on to the next addiction, of course! Friends, behold my new thing:


equals pure desserty goodness

Also, it’s dairy free. Also, it doesn’t involve chocolate (cough, synthetic chocolate-flavored powder in a clever disguise.) This newfound addiction can’t be unhealthy right? One tiny clementine with a scoop of delicious vanilla soy ice cream sounds completely healthy to me. Swimsuit season, watch out.

Trader Joe’s image via // clementine image via

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