Gap Is Killing It

I stopped into Gap yesterday (right after a walk along the lake in the GORGEOUS weather we had this weekend), and I wanted to spend one million dollars. I didn’t try anything on because I was a little gross from our walk/run, but I did 3+ laps to commit a few summer items to memory. I am most definitely going back today—almost everything is on sale (so no need to spend a million!) Here are some pretties I’m contemplating, all under $75.


1. gray floral skinnies; $59.99 // 2. pink jacquard shorts; $34.99 // 3. mint skinnies; $39.99 // 4. geometric shorts; $26.99


1. striped tassel scarf; $29.95 // 2. bird print scarf; $29.95 // 3. striped canvas tote; $39.95 // 4. mint envelop clutch; $39.95 // 5. two-tone canvas tote (I MUST HAVE THIS); $49.95

thehistoryofever_gap_31. spotted flats; $49.95 // 2. strappy sandals; $39.95


1. heather gray cardigan; $44.95 // 2. striped knit sweater; $54.95 // 3. tie-waist skirt (July 4th perfection); $39.99 // 4. coral maxi dress; $69.95

Online sizes are running out quick (which is really, really annoying), but if you DO find your size, you can get 40% off today by entering GAPEGG at checkout. I saw tons of sizes in the store yesterday, and luckily they’re offering 40% off, too. HURRYUP 5 o’clock. Gotta shop.

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4 Responses to Gap Is Killing It

  1. When I saw the title of this post I was all “RIGHT!??!”. I’ve been going crazyyyy over Gap’s spring line – specifically the blazers and tees. Happy to see you’re in the same boat.

    Coming to you from Bound and will be sticking around.

    • WOAH just saw you’re in Chicago, too! Did you check out the new State Street Gap yet? It’s across from my work so…deadly.

    • Brianna says:

      Hi Eileen!! Ummm Gap is a problem. I live just north of chicago in Evanston, and I could walk to the store barefoot in 30 degree weather. That’s how close it is. I’m having an internal battle and secretly hoping some things are sold out when I go after work. I’m so glad you said hello–I’m lurving your blog already and will be sticking around, too :)

      • I swoon over Evanston. During the summer, I feel like I’m there all the time. And I totally know how you feel about Gap. Today when I went in to return a blazer and of course tried on jean shorts, I was happy that I didn’t like the fit. I need to stop hemorrhaging money in anticipation of spring!

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