Happy Birthday, to The Everygirl! The Everygirl is a one year old little baby, and she is growing up so fast. Unlike a normal baby, she already knows how to walk and talk and use a computer, and I think she’s pretty great. Because I still smell like tequila from last night’s post-event festivities, I’ll spare you and get straight to some party pics. FYI I didn’t take any of my own :( Total amateur, I know. I was more focused on partying than documenting. Thank goodness we had the wonderful people from Smilebooth there to capture the night!

I spent most of the evening with these lovely ladies.



This is the most precious couple that has ever existed.
They also happen to be incredibly talented photographers


Don’t you die? They’re high school sweethearts!

thehistoryofever_theeverygirl_johnthehistoryofever_theeverygirl_mauraLast but not least, the night was truly a celebration of these ladies,
Everygirl creators and co-editors, Danielle and Alaina. 


We drank champagne, ate some yummy bites, and perused all of West Elm’s goodies. Afterwards, the Everygirl team headed to a new Mexican bar/restaurant called Ay Chiwowa for some margaritas and tacos, and all in all it was a fantastic night!

Happy Anniversary to The Everygirl–can’t wait to see what the next year will bring!

images via Smilebooth
see all of the rest here

p.s. I know this was a lame, lame, lame event recap… gimme a breeeak I’m hung, ok?


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3 Responses to #TEGTURNSONE

  1. Jessica says:

    Love this post! :) What a fun night.

  2. Maggie says:

    At least you included pictures…

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