Scenes from a Birthday Weekend


It was GREAT. Seriously, great. I know birthdays get lamer and lamer as you get older, but I must say, I had one of the best weekends ever.

On Friday, we had dinner at a delicious new small plates restaurant near our apartment (I didn’t take any pictures… someone made a no phones at dinner rule). Then we met up with some friends for drinks, and my friend Lisa even drove up from Chicago to toast with us!

On Saturday, I woke up like a kid on Christmas morning… ready for my sopwise. Guys, I was pretty spot-on with a couple of my guesses. We went to Starbucks (this was Drew’s idea… he loathes Starbucks, so this was a present all on its own). Then we went around the corner to the nail salon (!!!). Drew had made an appointment. It was tres cutie.

Ever the multi-tasker, I decided this was the time for my holiday mani (#4 on my holiday to-do list). I totally ripped this idea off of a friend (she did green with gold) because it’s just too good.

holiday-manicuremy fingers are scary looking and crooked

You better believe Drew got a pedicure. Yes, I threatened to have a birthday-sized fit right there in the middle of the nail salon if he refused. It was glorious. I think he loved it. 


Then we came home, and Drew whipped up some waffles and turkey sausage for brunch.


Saturday night, we drove down to Chicago to see the Lincoln Park Zoo Lights. It was freezing, but the lights were amazing! We bought some “warm spiced wine” (read: apple juice + cinnamon + thimble’s worth of wine) and visited the giraffes, jungle cats, and apes. As usual, I thought the zoo was really sad. There was a baby gorilla laying on his mommy’s tummy, and I wanted to sucka punch the little kids who were banging on the glass.


For dinner, we ate burgers at the bar of a local steakhouse and listened to live jazz music. There was mac and cheese. It was perfect.

Yesterday, I addressed our Christmas cards while Drew sealed and stamped. Finally, #8 can be checked off the list! Seriously it feels so good to have those done.

All in all, it was a wonderful weekend. How was yours?

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