Girl Crushing: Keri Russell

thehistoryofever_felicity_kerirussellIf you’re wondering where I’ve been for the last two weeks, I am here to share the upsetting news. I have been here, in my apartment, on my couch, watching on-demand episodes of Felicity. Non-stop. Seriously. I turn it on in the mornings before work (yes, I’ve been cheating on Matt and Savannah and Al and Natalie). I turn it on when I come home for lunch. I even watch it in bed, on my laptop which has a handy on-demand app. It literally never stops. I can’t help it–I just love this show.

Felicity truly might be one of my favorite female tv characters of all time. A lot of it probably has to do with her hair (the curly connection), but she’s also just so damn nice! Last week, I legitimately asked myself “What would Felicity do?” more than once. She’s a romantic sap, a really good friend, and a total geek–the trifecta! Also, she gets to make out with Ben Covington, so nothing else matters.

I’m starting to feel like my real life and my Felicity life (I have one) are blending together, so thankfully I’m almost done with Season 3. Just one season left after that, and I can return to reality. I apologize to anyone I’ve had interactions with in the last 10 days–promise, I’m almost finished!

p.s. Who has more sweaters than Felicity? NOBODY.

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3 Responses to Girl Crushing: Keri Russell

  1. I ask a similar question about Mindy Khaling’s character in The Mindy Project. She has like 5 new coats every episode. It’s gotten so comical that my boyfriend and I have made an over/under bet at the start of the show.

    I’ve never watched Felicity before but I think you just convinced me. Also, is it weird that I feel a little sad when I don’t have a girly show to obsess and over consume? I just caught up with Girls and am ready to up my game with something new in the queue.

  2. Omg a girl from work is supposed to bring me her full Felicity DVD collection. She has convinced me I need to watch them. I am now both excited and scared…

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