Girl Crushing: Keri Russell

thehistoryofever_felicity_kerirussellIf you’re wondering where I’ve been for the last two weeks, I am here to share the upsetting news. I have been here, in my apartment, on my couch, watching on-demand episodes of Felicity. Non-stop. Seriously. I turn it on in the mornings before work (yes, I’ve been cheating on Matt and Savannah and Al and Natalie). I turn it on when I come home for lunch. I even watch it in bed, on my laptop which has a handy on-demand app. It literally never stops. I can’t help it–I just love this show.

Felicity truly might be one of my favorite female tv characters of all time. A lot of it probably has to do with her hair (the curly connection), but she’s also just so damn nice! Last week, I legitimately asked myself “What would Felicity do?” more than once. She’s a romantic sap, a really good friend, and a total geek–the trifecta! Also, she gets to make out with Ben Covington, so nothing else matters.

I’m starting to feel like my real life and my Felicity life (I have one) are blending together, so thankfully I’m almost done with Season 3. Just one season left after that, and I can return to reality. I apologize to anyone I’ve had interactions with in the last 10 days–promise, I’m almost finished!

p.s. Who has more sweaters than Felicity? NOBODY.

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Happy Birthday, to The Everygirl! The Everygirl is a one year old little baby, and she is growing up so fast. Unlike a normal baby, she already knows how to walk and talk and use a computer, and I think she’s pretty great. Because I still smell like tequila from last night’s post-event festivities, I’ll spare you and get straight to some party pics. FYI I didn’t take any of my own :( Total amateur, I know. I was more focused on partying than documenting. Thank goodness we had the wonderful people from Smilebooth there to capture the night!

I spent most of the evening with these lovely ladies.



This is the most precious couple that has ever existed.
They also happen to be incredibly talented photographers


Don’t you die? They’re high school sweethearts!

thehistoryofever_theeverygirl_johnthehistoryofever_theeverygirl_mauraLast but not least, the night was truly a celebration of these ladies,
Everygirl creators and co-editors, Danielle and Alaina. 


We drank champagne, ate some yummy bites, and perused all of West Elm’s goodies. Afterwards, the Everygirl team headed to a new Mexican bar/restaurant called Ay Chiwowa for some margaritas and tacos, and all in all it was a fantastic night!

Happy Anniversary to The Everygirl–can’t wait to see what the next year will bring!

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see all of the rest here

p.s. I know this was a lame, lame, lame event recap… gimme a breeeak I’m hung, ok?


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Party Time


Tonight, I’m heading down to Chicago for The Everygirl’s One Year Anniversary Party! Tommorow marks a year since they launched the site, and I’m so excited to celebrate tonight at West Elm.  The past month (has it really only been a month?!) has been nothing short of wonderful. I’ve learned so much from watching Alaina and Danielle run their incredible website, and I couldn’t be prouder to call myself (a tiny) part of the team.

I had the honor of writing interview questions for today’s feature on The Everygirl, and I think they did such a beautiful job! These are questions I have really, truly wanted to ask, but there’s rarely time to chit chat in the two days per week I’m interning. I think it’s amazing that they were totally open to spilling their guts–really rare in my opinion!

Sorry to keep this short… running around like a chicken with my head cut off today. I’ll be back tomorrow with some party pics!

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Really, Downton Abbey?


I am stunned. Livid. Confused/sad/annoyed. Do any of you watch Downton Abbey? If not, this post probably isn’t for you. If you do but haven’t watched the Season 3 finale, stop reading now. (Major spoiler alert that will ruin your day). I know I’m a few days late, but I watched it on Monday night and needed yesterday to recover.

Matthew Crawley, dead? Really? I’m devastated. I know I don’t have to explain this to you; I’m sure you people get it. I mean, he has perfect hair and blue eyes. He is 50% of the show’s greatest love story. He can see past Mary’s ice-cold bitchiness. He sticks up for Edith, even though Edith sort of sucks. He saved Downton from ruin with his (dead wife’s father’s) inheritance. He somehow finds a way to love his mother, despite the fact that never misses a chance to stir the pot with her obnoxious modern ideas. What’s not to love about Matthew Crawley?

In my emotional state on Tuesday morning, I took to the interwebs to find answers. My jaw hit the keyboard when I happened upon this and this. Truly, I wish I’d never found them.

Well, my friends, we have Dan Stevens to blame for this television tragedy. I was so busy making Julian Fellowes voo-doo dolls, I hadn’t even stopped to think that one of the actors could have made this decision. Who in their right mind would want out of Downton Abbey? Especially if you’re an Upstairs person? Dan Stevens would. He wanted to pursue “new opportunities” and “do something different”. Pfft. Whatever. Dan.

Hey Dan, I know you’re super pumped about your bighugefamous career in Hollywood, but WHAT the hell was the rush? Seriously, he better be cast as the lead in something amazing, and it better be my absolute favorite movie of all time. I better laugh, cry, and get scared in the good way. I better forget all about my Reese’s Pieces sitting in the cup holder. It better be epic. Otherwise, this distress I’ve been put through will be for nothing. Oh and no matter what, little baby Crawley has to grow up without a father. HOW DO YOU SLEEP AT NIGHT, DAN?

I swear if anything happens to Carson in Season 4, I will start a riot.

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