I Really Love My: Old Navy Crewneck Sweater


Back in August when Drew and I first moved to Illinois, there was rarely a time that one of us would take our car out without the other one. I think it was a mixture of those newlywed feelings (we got married in July) and being so unfamiliar with our new city. Quick errands, grocery store trips, dropping off the dry cleaning, even going shopping (me, not him). It was really nice to get our bearings together, and this place started to feel like home for each of us at the same time.

On one of these occasions, Drew was going to renew his driver’s license. I’m not sure why, but he either wanted to or had to get an Illinois DL. Something with jury duty? Whatever,  I don’t know. All I know is that we drove faaaaar away to the DMV where he would take a written test. It shouldn’t take more than thirty minutes. It’s a week day. There’s no one in line. That was all a load of crap. Let’s just say we started running errands alone shortly afterwards.

In the two hours I had to kill (yes. two hours.) I scrolled through every instagram picture that has ever been posted in the history of ever. Seriously. Then, I decided to walk through each and every store in the little shopping center as slowly as possible. My first stop: Old Navy. I’ve always thought Old Navy was sort of ‘meh’, so I wasn’t planning on leaving with much besides some flip flops and maybe a scarf. And then, I met my favorite sweater. This black and white polka dot sweater (no longer available) has truly been the most worn item in my closet since it was purchased (for $18!). Yes, the picture below is from the same night as above, but pretend it’s not. Doze are my doggiez.


I wear it with EVERYTHING: pencil skirts for work, jeans for the weekend, black skinnies for a date. Everything. I’ve been so impressed with how it’s held up, too! Honestly, it has held it’s shape and stretch better than some of my J.Crew sweaters (Don’t even get me started. Why do their cardigans look like wet noodles after one wear?)

cn6087997 cn6085157 cn6061461 cn6061452

So. All this rambling to say, I think you should invest $24.94 in one of these babies.  You will thank me.

photos of me via Audrey and Drew’s instagrams

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2 Responses to I Really Love My: Old Navy Crewneck Sweater

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  2. This post isn’t helping my Old Navy addiction…

    I too went in expecting nothing and then proceeded to buy ALL THE THINGS – including 2 with polka dots! At least it’s a relatively inexpensive habit.

    Their workout clothes are awesome too and are basically cheaper clones of Lulu Lemon.

    And their skinny jeans! Patterned and solids! Help me…

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