My New Thing: TeuxDeux

Hello! Sorry I missed yesterday… long-story short I had three too many beers Sunday night. Hello, I was celebrating Bey’s world domination. Didn’t love all the song choices, but I could’ve watched it on mute and still been mesmerized. Sasha FIERCE.

Moving on. I wanted to share with you my new thing. I’ve proudly declared my love for lists more than a few times (ahem, ahem, ahem), and today is another one of those days. A couple of weeks ago, I stumbled upon TeuxDeux, which is a to-do list app that works for browsers and smart phones. If you already knew about this (because it was actually developed one hundred years ago in 2009), stop reading now.


The app was developed by creative blogger extraordinaire, Tina Roth Eisenberg of SwissMiss. She felt there was a gap in the to-do list app market (if there is such a thing). Other apps out there did their job, but had too many features, and Tina was craving the simplicity of a good ole paper and pen list. I GET IT! I have experienced this exact same sentiment when trying other to-do list apps, and have since deleted them because they become just another thing to keep up with.


TeuxDeux is SO DIFFERENT. First of all, it only shows you five days. This is brilliant, because if it showed me anything more, it would just become a calendar (I use google calendar). The five day format keeps me focused on what I really have to do.

Secondly, it was created by a designer, so it’s really pretty to look at. The white space that I appreciate on a paper list isn’t lost on the computer!


Thirdly, tasks that aren’t completed at the end of a day are automatically moved to the next day. This is my main reason for being obsessed. For years, I’ve been pressing that little “+” button, creating a new page in my iPhone Notes app. There are so many, I don’t even know what they’re for. Literally, I just looked, and I have a note titled “B”. Means nothing to me. Nevermore! My entire to-do list is artfully contained in this sleek and simple system.

Lastly, I love that you can cross things off. Completed tasks don’t disappear until you want them to (by clicking the little “x” on its respective line). So, I can see everything I’ve gotten done that day–the fountain of joy when it comes to to-do lists, right?

I love this app so much that I would pay for it, but (of course) it’s FREE! To start using it on your computer, just visit this site. I have TeuxDeux set as the homepage of my browser. That way, I can take a couple of minutes to think about the day’s tasks before I get started with my day.

Life-changer, people.

p.s. Thanks for all the Everygirl love last week! Head over today to see some adorable DIYs by Sarah Dickerson of Chic Sprinkles. She is an animal lover, therefore I love her. A true gem.  (Check out her office tour from yesterday!)

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2 Responses to My New Thing: TeuxDeux

  1. RXP says:

    this is wonderful!!! my biggest pet peeve about the iPhone notes app is that you there’s no way to cross things off, but still see your accomplishments! this is a life changer for sure! thanks for sharing the wealth.

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