Thoughtfulness: Love Month


February is here! We are one month into 2013 (and one month closer to temperatures above 15 degrees). In February, I typically focus on that one day, two weeks from now, when I get to wear pink and eat candy and send around the heart emoji to my friends and family.

This year, I want to live February a little differently. Instead of saving up all my mooshy for Valentine’s Day, I’m proclaiming this as my Love Month. Four weeks, 28 days, 672 hours, 40,320 minutes (who just sing said Rent to themselves?).

Yes, of course, we should always be loving each other. If we’re lucky, this comes really naturally because of the people we choose to surrounded ourselves with. But, knowing that I love people and practicing loving people are two different things (at least for me). Knowing is typically sedentary while practicing is active. I’d like to take the next 28 days to really hold love close and focus on how I can put my love for other people into practice. Don’t worry, I’m not going to bore you with daily updates. Dear Diary, today I gave Drew a bigger hug than normal. But, if something interesting takes place, I’ll fill you in.

I saw such an incredible example of putting love into practice yesterday. A very dear friend sent me a very dear email. She couldn’t have known it, but it was exactly what I needed to hear. Her words were encouraging and flattering, and I was completely speechless. These aren’t emails friends just typically send around. With my mouth gaping open in shock, I read her last sentence:

I’ve been working on telling people in my life when I respect/admire/learn from them…because isn’t that something we could all use?

What a completely brilliant idea. I’m loving Love Month already.

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