Girl Crushing: Zooey Deschanel


I have become obsessed with Zooey Deschanel. It all started this past fall when we started watching New Girl (because, as you’ve heard, we had zero mutual shows). Let me start by saying that this show is funnnnyyy, and I rarely get through the 30 minute air time without laughing really loud. (ps: Did anyone die when Nick and Jess kissed last night?! I rewinded it twice!) Zooey’s character, Jess, is just a complete nerd who usually dresses like a schoolgirl who didn’t get to go back-to-school shopping.


It’s always hard to convince someone else to watch your favorite show–we’ve all got our routine down–but seriously, I recommend. Watch it on demand though, because it’s not really the type of show you can just jump into mid-season. If you’re not LOL-ing at least once, then sue me. (And also, I don’t believe you.)


Also, she’s SO PRETTYYYYY. I can’t. Her blue eyes make me feel like I’m looking at a puppy dog. Her pale as all hell and perfect skin looks forever retouched, and she reminds me of a 1950s starlet. I won’t even begin on how I feel about her hair.


On top of being a talented actress with expert comedic timing and just really gorgeous, she also has so many interests. Her band, She & Him, will be releasing their third album in May. I haven’t heard much of their music (that I’m aware of), but you can bet I’ll be pre-ordering this. It’s what happens when I have a girl crush. I commit.


She ALSO (I know) is co-founder of the women’s website Hellogiggles. While she hasn’t been posting much since New Girl took off, she wins like 100000000000 x 100000000 more points in my book for taking this on. As I’ve seen and heard at The Everygirl, running a website is no joke, and I am obsessed with the fact that an actress (she already had a “thing”) would get be passionate enough about something to create her own corner of the internet. This article perfectly illustrates what the website is about. Girl power.

So is anyone with me? Who else is obsessed? Should we start a club or something?

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2 Responses to Girl Crushing: Zooey Deschanel

  1. Juleson says:

    Um, yes. I’ll be in the club. She’s so cute! And I have the opposite problem…my husband watched it with me once and now he gets upset when I watch it without him. Oops.

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