Cards Against Humanity

Everyone and their dog have been talking this game UP since I got back from Christmas vacation. Have you heard of it? When I’ve asked people to explain what the hype is all about, they usually laugh and start to look a little guilty before saying it’s “hilarious” and “adult fun” and “incredibly inappropriate”. Sounds much more exciting than Drew and I’s puzzles.

Here are the rules. Essentially, one player (aptly named the Card Czar) asks a question or reads aloud a fill-in-the-blank sentence from a black card. The rest of the players then offer up their best responses from their 10 white cards. The Card Czar selects the most awesome answer, and that player gets one Awesome Point. Simple, right?

For instance, the black card could say:


Responses could be things like:

thehistoryofever_cardsagainsthumanity_2 thehistoryofever_cardsagainsthumanity_3thehistoryofever_cardsagainsthumanity_6



Unfortunately, the game is currently sold out (total evidence of it’s greatness). BUT, you can download and print a pdf for free. FOH FREE! A little ghetto but, hey, saves $25 dollars right?

The game’s creators seem like TOTAL NERDS, obviously. They’re just a group of friends who went to high school together, and apparently they created the game for their New Years Eve party. I love them! They even donated around $70k (their holiday sales) to Wikipedia. Because without Wikipedia, they “would not have known the exact volume of a dose of fresh boar sperm or graduated from college.” 

Totally making my own set this weekend. Have you played?

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8 Responses to Cards Against Humanity

  1. So Funny! It’s like a play on Apples to Apples!


  2. Jessica says:

    hmmm maybe Roy, Nick, Currie and Mary should manufacture their exclusive game from NYE at kelly’s lake house??

  3. OMG never commenting on my phone again. The end of that was…if played with the right people can be the funniest experience ever.

    Third time’s a charm…

  4. I have been dying to find this game! No luck at Target or on Amazon. It’s like an inappropriate version of Apples to Apples. As a substitute, you should check out the game Things. Can be made equally as inappropriate and if played with the right

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