Travel Dreaming: Quebec City


In case I haven’t complained enough (which I really haven’t), you should know how cold it is in Chicago right now. The temperatures are truly ungodly, and nothing living can last outside for very long without a gigantic puffer jacket. I’ve been kidding myself over the last month, saying things like “No, really, I know you don’t believe me, but I’m just acclimated to the cold. I know, I’m being really great about it. I’m just adjusting unnaturally well. I’m going to rule this winter like it’s my bitch.” 

No surprise here, I spoke too soon. Last night we had to run home from dinner. It was six degrees outside with that evil “feels like” listed at negative two. Yep. Negative two. Click here to feel bad for me.


SO. To take my mind off this  nonsense, I am thinking it’s time to plan a trip. Actually, what I really wanted was to get a puppy, but Drew is a tyrant and insists that it’s “not the right time” and “puppies are a lot of work”. All crap.

quebec1Back to the trip… Quebec City has been on my short list for a while. I’ve heard it’s very similar to Paris. It’s beautiful, full of history, and, hello, chocolate croissants. I’m thinking a long weekend trip over the summer.





Price alert SET :)

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