Welcoming 2013

Hello friends! Yes, I do realize I’m a full seven days late on this post. I hope you all had a joyful and relaxing holiday and New Year’s. We sure did! Colorado was a blast (although I started to feel all my 27 years after six days of skiing all day and partying all night). It was a real treat to be in Texas, too. It had been five months since I’d seen my family and friends, and I soaked up every minute.

Here are a few (quite a few) photos from my break.


Before we left, Drew and I exchanged gifts. We decided to go small this year because of our ski trip. He hit it out of the park…


Drew put together a photo book from our honeymoon in Italy (complete with a post-it warning… just in case I decided to get snoopy). I couldn’t love anything more.


I gave him a pretty Christmas tie (not pictured.. too boring), and this Beardo Hat. Shut up, I think it’s hilarious. And this way I never have to hear “But I really want to grow a beard” ever again.


The skiing in Steamboat was AMAZING. They got something like 50 inches of snow while we were there, so the days were snowy and a bit overcast. The runs were nice and powdery, and we left the slopes each day feeling pretty exhausted!

oregon-trail-partyeighties-party-slap-braceletAt night, we had big theme parties, and it REALLY felt like college getting dressed up in costumes. The top photo is from Oregon Trail night (could his overalls be any tinier?), and the bottom photo is some swag from the 80s party. HELLO, slap bracelet! It was such a great trip, and my body needed a full ten days to recover.


Then it was off to Texas! My mom really outdid herself with the decorations this year–I wish I had a better picture of her epic tree. The biggest we’ve ever had! Of course there was lots of time with my sister and our niece (and her patient parents who basically handed her over for five days). My grandparents and most of my aunts, uncles, and cousins on my Dad’s side were there, too–Christmas is always a full-house event in our family, and I LOVE it. Note the begging pups… just waiting for someone to spill…


There were lunch dates with good friends (and bowls of lattes), a movie outing to see the incredible Les Miserables (Drew brought along a BAG of bacon. No, I don’t want any.), more snuggling with the bebe, and some serious Christmas cookie decorating. It was all just perfect, and I’m not going to wait five months before my next trip home :)

Whew! Congratulations if you’re still reading.

Anyway, we are happy to be back home in Chicago… even if it is freaking freezing. I’m welcoming 2013 with an open heart and an open mind. I think it’s going to be a good year, people. I can just feel it.

PS: You can blame my absence over the last week entirely on Homeland. I’m officially a convert; that show is so addicting! We finished up the second season on Friday night, and it was a doozy. If you think you can’t handle another TV show this year, trust me. You can. Run, don’t walk, and get yourself those DVDs.

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  1. Chelsi says:

    Woohoo!! My first mention on a post!!!

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