Twenty Seven

Today is my birthday :)


Because my birthday falls on a Friday this year, I get an entire birthday weekend. (No, you’re right. I would demand the entire weekend anyway.) Last night, Drew and I had a delectably delicious dinner at Frontera Grill. Huge props, Drew–he knows I’m a Mexican food snob, and this was easily the best we’ve had in Chicago.

Tonight, we’re going to have a casual dinner, just the two of us. I really love getting older for just this reason… no pressure to go balls to the walls, take 11 shots, and wake up with a sandwich under my pillow on my birthday. (It happened. It was almost a long time ago. I’ve dealt with it.)

Tomorrow, I have to be free between the hours of 11:00am – 12:30pm. For what, you ask? I have zero idea. It’s a SOWPWISE! Drew has gotten so sneaky.

Here are my guesses:

-We’re going to pick out a puppy.
-We’re going to see a scary movie (keeping in mind he won’t watch scary movie previews).
-He is going to let me watch him get a pedicure (just want to see it once).
-Oprah is in town, and we’re meeting her for lunch at RL (her favorite).
-Bethenny is in town, and we’re taking her and Bryn to the LP Zoo. (Bryn will love this.)
-He is going to spend an hour and a half telling me how much he loves throw pillows and Bravo and Starbucks, and then he’ll drink coffee in front of me (would be a first!).

I’ll give you a full report on Monday… have a wonderful weekend! EAT CAKE!

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2 Responses to Twenty Seven

  1. Sandwich under the pillow = incredible. I hope it’s a PUPPY!

  2. Currie says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! Can’t wait to hear about the surprise :)!

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