Gift Guide Round-Up


If you’re reading this blog, then we probably have a few things in common. Maybe you like hot chocolate or you’re into preserved boxwoods right now or you promise yourself every week that this is the last time you’ll waste an hour of your life watching Housewives.

Or MAYBE you’re a masterful procrastinator who is just waiting for someone to shake them and say Hello?!? Is anybody in there? How have you still not finished your holiday shopping?!? 

If this rings a jingle-bell for you, then you’re in luck. I spend an offensive portion of the work day surfing blog land, and, as such, I thought I’d share the wealth. Here are five gift guides I’ve met and liked:

1. To and From – Grab your soy latte and a cozy spot on the couch–this interactive gift guide/online magazine is quite lengthy. But, these girls really know what they’re doing, so this could be a one-stop-shop (procrastinator’s dream!).

2. Cup of Jo 2012 Gift Guide – If you don’t already know, I’m a big (like, huge) Joanna Goddard fan. I consider her the OG blogger, and I wait for her gift guides all year long.

3. The Everygirl 2012 Gift Guide – On a budget? Step right up! Most of the items featured in this guide are under $50. Also, anything Alaina and Danielle say is pretty and gift-worthy is automatically pretty and gift-worthy.

4. Ten Experiences to Give – I love this idea from Jordan of Oh Happy Day. Totally out of the box… the perfect thing for the person (read: male) who says Don’t get me anything; I don’t need a present. Can’t they just surprise us one year? Newsflash boys, the coy thing doesn’t make you selfless, it makes you irritating.

5. Martha Stewart Editors Gift Picks for Her and for Him – While a few of these gifts are a bit more expensive, I love the fact that many of them are from companies I’ve never heard of (totally upping the cool factor).

Also, I know this isn’t a gift guide, but you should definitely check out Mark and Graham–pure heaven for the monogram obsessed.


And if you can’t think of anything else, there’s always Janet.

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