Supermodel Breakfast

I’m not a big fan of girls beating themselves up about their weight, carb intake, skipping a workout, etc. However, this morning is different. You may ask, why, Brianna? Why in the name of everything that is holy. Why would you wake up on a Wednesday morning and decide to watch the Victoria’s Secret fashion show (that your husband recorded)?


I dunno. Because I wanted to see the models and their pretty outfits and sexy hair and make-up. Also, because I’m a masochist.

Luckily, my birthday present arrived yesterday! I am now a part of the Vitamix family, and I am so freaking excited. (Are you getting the connection there? Supermodels eat healthy.. the Vitamix will make healthy smoothies.. get it?)


Drew and I decided this was a brilliant purchase after watching a demo at Whole Foods. A man and his wife were showing the crowd how to make their favorite smoothie; they said they’ve been drinking it every morning for the last 7 years, and haven’t been sick once! #peoplewhowillbelieveanything

When he said it could also blend avocado pits into liquid, we were sold.

Here’s how I’m starting my Wednesday: creamy, cold, nutritious, and green (recipe via Oh She Glows). Feeling good about what I put in my body makes me feel like a supermodel, so who the hell cares if I look like one?


Have a happy and healthy Wednesday!

VS Fashion Show images via
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9 Responses to Supermodel Breakfast

  1. Jessica says:

    im sorry brianna but that looks disgusting! happppppy almost bday!!

  2. henatayeb says:

    oh god that looks so unappetizing.. was is good?

    • Brianna says:

      Hena I SWEAR–with the frozen banana, you don’t even taste the spinach. It’s important to drink it very cold (lots of ice!). My husband won’t even eat salad, and he gobbled this right up! Try it and let me know how it goes :)

  3. Currie says:

    The Vitamix is the best kitchen appliance on EARTH! Welcome :).

  4. explodyfull says:

    hahahaha I was so tricked, when I saw your post title I was hoping it would be about what supermodels have for breakfast (I was surprised that they would eat breakfast)

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