Happy Friday and…

I really wish I could

I’m sooooo bad at it. Literally, unless something is very, very funny, I simply cannot make myself laugh in a believable way! Are you one of those people with a laugh that can be summoned at even the unfunniest of jokes? Hmph. Jealous.

It’s like, I want to laugh. I want to make this person feel like I enjoyed that story. Sometimes I did enjoy the story, but it just doesn’t tip the giggle scales. I usually end up going over the top with something like Ohhhhhhhmygosh that is so funny or That is HILarious or a winning combination of the two. It’s awkward. I feel like the other person is thinking Really? That deserved a chuckle. WELL, I’M SORRY, but I wasn’t blessed with a fake laugh.

Next life: smaller thighs & fake laugh.

Random, I know. Happy Friday :)

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One Response to Happy Friday and…

  1. Amy Atwood says:

    Story of my life! If I had a dollar for every time I’ve said “That’s hilarious” without laughing I would be a richie. So uncomfy sometimes.

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