Gifts Under $30

You’ve been stressing about it. You keep telling yourself you’ll start working on it this week. You will definitely sit down and make a list as soon as this episode of RHOBH is over. Promise. (FYI, this is Brianna, talking to Brianna.)

Happens every year. Fall weather arrives, Thanksgiving plans are made, turkey is had by all, and we enjoy the festive month of November.  Then BOOM. November has left the building, Christmas is in three weeks, and I’m. Freaking. Out. There is an ungodly amount of shopping to do.

Have no fear my friends. I bring you a list of (random, totally uncategorized) lovely gifts that are all under $30! If you aren’t living on a budget, I hate you.

Click images for sources.

an artful way to remind someone they’re sparkly // $18.00

colorful dipped bamboo utensils to liven up everyday dinner prep // $18.00

sunny bowls to hold earrings, bobby pins, and hair ties // $28.00

a fancy beverage tub for holiday champy // $18.99

a wanderlusty calendar to start the new year (remember this?) // $21.95

“So you agree. You think you’re really pretty.” // $10.00

a mango wood spice rack that doubles as counter-top art // $24.00

the most important word in the most important color // $17.95

a laquer tray for the bar or the dresser // $24.00

because food = love, anyway // $24.00 

you know what it’s for // $16.00

I wish you very happy hump day shopping!

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2 Responses to Gifts Under $30

  1. Sarah says:

    I officially love your blog. Good thing my sister has such witty and clever friends with such great taste ;) Come see us when you’re in town for Christmas!!!

    • Brianna says:

      Sarah!! I’m glad you’re liking it!! Definitely need to see you and the rest of the Kollenberg/Snyder clan when I’m in town. Love that you’re right across the street!!

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