# 6: Start and finish a holiday craft

I’m sitting here, giving myself a big, ole’ pat on the back. Because it happened. I started AND finished a holiday craft this weekend! For those who know me, this is truly a feat. Normally, my crafting process goes like this:

1. Start a craft
2. Get 1/3 of the way through, and decide it’s heinous and disgusting and an insult to Martha
3. Spend 20 minutes trying to fix it but instead make it even more heinous
4. Vow to fix everything in the morning, after an emergency trip to Michael’s (dismiss the obnoxious little voice that says You’ve already spent $50 on this hopeless disaster)
5. Realize at Michael’s that I should really start over; do what’s natural and buy everything
6. Start the craft again, decide I suck at crafts, and leave all of my supplies in the corner of my room for weeks until I can finally bring myself to trash everything

NOT THIS TIME, PEOPLE! I have conquered my crappy crafting pattern, and all is right with the world. Is this revolutionary? No. But I started it, and I finished it, and it cost $20. In my tiny corner of the universe, I feel like a winner.

Here are some pictures of #6 on my holiday list–consider it crossed off!

my supplies: a wreath ($8), mini silver ornaments ($3), pinecones ($6), glitter ($3)–all from Target
(super glue/brushes I had on hand)
I brushed glue onto the pinecones with a foam brush and dipped them in gold glitter.
I used a gold sharpie to color the  cheesy silver tops of the ornaments.
a Christmas cookie, of course!
the leftover ornaments made a festive addition to the windowsill
on the door!

It’s not the most glamorous wreath in the world, but it makes me smile because I MADE IT. Snaps for me.

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6 Responses to # 6: Start and finish a holiday craft

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  2. Laura Davis says:

    So pretty!! Interesting that you wrote about this….just a couple of days ago I found the craft project you started last year with the pine cones….and another one that you started with the twigs. Would you like me to box them up and send to you??

  3. Jessica says:


  4. Currie says:

    I love love love it!!! Now I am inspired to start the holiday decorating!

  5. RXP says:

    A+++ This is really cute and I love how resourceful you were with the extra ornaments in the window! I want that cookie.

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