Take care of yourself this weekend

It’s Friday again–love how that happens every seven days. Work this week was quite busy; I feel like this time of year is always crazy busy for everyone. At work, the year-end crap is due, at home, there’s holiday shopping and preparing for guests or travel, and, lately, I’ve just found myself mentally speeding up. Hence, I’m hoping to have a really, really low-key weekend–catch up on some exercise, some dvr, and some sleep.

Whatever your plans, try to think about what you need this weekend and take care of yourself! Here are some snippets from the last few days…

making tortilla ‘za for the first time
(pizza crust is my favorite part of pizza, but this is too easy to pass up)

having a movie night in bed–Moonrise Kingdom is hilarious and so sweet!

realizing I looked like a teacher on the way out the door

enjoying a homemade egg mcmuffin

sparkling up the apartment with a new windowsill arrangement

waking up to these handlebars yesterday
(movember, Drew loves you)


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