Stupid Easy: Honey Mustard

When I went pescetarian for two years, people would often ask me “Don’t you miss eating MEAT?!” Diplomatic and composed, I would always respond with “No. Because I love my dog, and I wouldn’t eat my dog. Yes, I realize the fact that I eat fish is confusing, but I don’t think they have feelings.” That got old. How annoying was I?

Truth be told, I always wanted to scream out at the top of my lungs “YES. I MISS EFFING CHICKEN FINGERS.” Upon abandoning my pesce ways, one of the very first meals I had was a gigantic basket of greasy, breaded, chicken fingers. Is there anything better? Maybe. See, I’ve realized over the last year of being back on the meat wagon that my real love for chicken fingers stems from their fundamental purpose: acting as a vehicle for honey mustard.

Honey mustard > chicken fingers > tempeh. Bless you if you don’t know what tempeh is.

Which leads me to this Stupid Easy recipe. Really, you probably already knew that honey mustard is a breeze to make, but I am new to this whole cooking thing. Gimme a break.


1/4 cup of this

plus 2 tablespoons each of these guys

plus a few shakes of these


Delectable, I’ll-be-having-thirds, we-can-call-this-healthy honey mustard.
Could eat it with a spoon.
Did eat it with a spoon.

Original recipe can be found here. FYI, the drumsticks weren’t nearly as good as the hm (but nobody’s surprised about that).

Sawlt and peppa shakers via. Pretty sad these are out of stock.

p.s. I did take a picture of this, but it was half-way through dinner and looked messy.

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