Glad That’s Over

Glad the week is over, but even more glad the election is over. I don’t know about you, but the Chicago area political ads were absolutely constant. After a year+ of all the campaigning, I’m happy to have a little peace and quiet. And I can finally look at facebook again without cringing. Seriously, why do people think anyone cares. 

On Tuesday, watching that damn map turn red-then-blue-then-red became mind-numbing after about an hour. So, I decided to brave the social-media warzone and check up on twitter. This was a fantastic decision. Yes, some people are pyscho and annoying, but SOME people are funny. So for your Friday, I leave you with my some of my favorite election tweets.

Disclaimer: These tweets do not reflect my political beliefs.




Happy weekend!!


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One Response to Glad That’s Over

  1. Stephanie Stuber says:

    Laughed out loud at several of these …. agree ~ SO GLAD THE ELECTION IS OVER!!! Can unblock those I blocked on facebook:)

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