Last night was one of those perfect evenings. I got off work, did a little cleaning around the apartment, sweat my butt off in cardio barre, and came home to make a delicious dinner for myself (Drew was working all night). This was actually the second night in a row of dinner-for-one; Drew has been crazy busy. Of course, I miss having him around, but making whatever want for dinner is so nice.  Tuesday night: cereal + red wine. Last night: maple-roasted acorn squash + arugula. Meatless meals… how I miss them.

I curled up with my squash bowl to watch The X Factor (which I sorta follow). Usually, Britney is the one distracting me with faces like the one below. She is such a spaz.

But last night, I could not see anything beyond Demi Lovato’s eyefur. GUYS. Explain this to me. What in the name of Pete is going on?

These are her old eyebrows. They were fine! Why all the penciling?

I actually really like Demi; I think she’s super cute and sassy and I like her pop. These fuzzy caterpillars, however, I cannot get on board with. They look like stick-on mustaches.

Is this a thing now? Are we doing this?

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2 Responses to Bushy

  1. Currie says:

    ABSOLUTELY not…you know how I feel about the brows. Grow those suckers back in!

  2. Maggie says:

    no, we are not doing this…

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