Gold on the Brain

Every year, I do a nice long lap around the internet in early November, searching for family Christmas gifts. I feel so ahead of the game. I think to myself, I am so giving. I truly put others first. I visualize the panic that will cross my sister’s face when she realizes I have won the year’s best-gifting award. VICTORY WILL BE MINE.

This is always the plan. But then I remember I need that. And I need THAT. And that is on sale, so I need that. And I haven’t treated myself to anything in a really, really long time. And I’ve been looking for something exactly like this for forever. So I need it

Last year, my roadblock was J.Crew. This year, it’s all things gold. You get it.

pillow | pumps | napkin rings

dress | vase 
tee | candles | janet 

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