My favorite interview tip

I think interviews can be extremely uncomfortable and sometimes, even a little scary. I get all squirmy the night before and start having overwhelming feelings of dread. Usually, within the first couple of minutes of the meeting, I get into a groove and calm down, but the anticipation (What will they ask? Am I prepared? What about this outfit?) plagues me up until the very last minute.

Drew is a lifesaver in these situations. He is an absolute expert with practice questions, and he always sends me pump-up emails fifteen minutes before my interview. His very best advice? To recite three simple phrases as I walk in the front door: Be cool. Be confident. You’re qualified. It’s amazing how much that can calm me down and get me in The Zone.

What about you? What’s your favorite interview tip?

photograph of Erin Gates’ freaking amazing office via The Everygirl
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