Stupid Easy

I would like to say that:


plus this

plus 2 cloves of this

plus 4-6 of these

left to swim together for 8 cozy hours (on low) in here


crowd-pleasing/idiot-proof dinner

You can definitely get fancier with this (adding things like brown sugar, Worcestershire sauce, different vegetables), but I swear to you, this is delicious all on its own. Sometime in the last 2 hours, remove the chicken with tongs and place it on a cutting board/plate/whatever. Pull it apart with two forks, and scoop everything back into the pot. Let it simmer just a little while longer, and dinnah is served. This makes a boat load of BBQ, so cut the recipe in half or freeze it!

p.s. I need to get better about taking pictures when I “cook”.
p.p.s. The chicken can be frozen. Literally, nothing easier.

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One Response to Stupid Easy

  1. RXP says:

    i dunno…the pictures and the way you break down the recipe make it all seem even more idiot-proof. sounds like some good texas/n. carolina BBQ to me! i’ll have to try it!

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