Faux My Gosh

Every day, our mailbox is stuffed to the brim with catalogs. Bajillions of them. It’s like, when we moved, somebody at catalog headquarters told everybody else, and we’re all of a sudden on every mailing list known to man.

Actually, I don’t mind it. I love magazines of all kinds, and magazines with furniture? And shoes? And one entirely devoted to things that organize? Happy as a clam. 

Restoration Hardware’s latest Baby and Child catalog really takes the enchilada. I swear to you, everything about it is squeal-worthy. But, the faux fur. I’m dying.

Hats, boots, and feety pajamas!

More hats, vests, and leg warmers (why are they being all exclusive with their wands?)

Don’t care if I already have a (hand sewn, heirloom) stocking. I need another. In snow leopard, please.

Furry beanbags.

Fairy lights and a cozy blanket. Boy-friendly, right? I’m re-doing my room.

No–the question is, why not?

Oh, sorry, were you doing something else today? Tiny. Baby. Cuddle hoods.

Restoration, throw me a bone. I would like one of each in adult-person size.

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