Have a perfect weekend.

Hello, Friday!

The front end of this week felt loooooong. Like, I would have been happy to have Friday on Wednesday. Not just because weekends are the best, but because I could’ve sworn it had already been five days.

Feeling especially meh on Wednesday, and I read something that snapped me back into gear: “today is not a chance occurrence”. It was a nice reminder that I shouldn’t be living each day just goingthroughthemotions. DUH, that will make the week feel long. Instead, I should wake up feeling grateful, ready to get out there and make the best of it! Because each day is totally on purpose and totally important. BOOM. Hump day wisdom that made the rest of the week much brighter.

Here are some of my favorite moments:

Celebrating three months being married to my buddy (yes, I instructed him to “look blissfully happy” in this picture).

Adding this to my shopping list for the weekend.

Welcoming chillier weather with the obligatory grilled cheese/tomato soup combo.

Realizing my new polish (sort of) matches my daily afternoon bev.

Opening this gift from a friend. And you shall be called Señor Giraffe.

And then. There was this.

Can you make me look like Carrie, Season 4? (No.) (Yes.)

So. My hair is gone. It has NEVER ever ever been this short. In true “me” fashion, I did this without ever having been to this salon or this stylist before. Just like my beauty products, I never stick with one gig for too long.

I sort of panicked/broke out into hives when my stylist, Frankie, did the first chop. Then, my colorist, Fergie, came over and said how adorable it looked. (Adorable. Ok. I’ll take that right now. Breathe.) Then, I was overwhelmingly distracted by… Frankie and Fergie? In one beauty dream team? Too much. I confronted them, and they revealed that their names were, in fact, Ashley and Meg. “We changed them because there’s already an Ashley and a Meg here.” Of course.

I’m actually loving the hair so far! I’ve yet to style it myself, but I have faith I can pull it off. If I suck at it, a good friend reminded me that I have several long winter months ahead–perfect for stuffing my hair into cute, cozy headwear :)

Have a perfect weekend!

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