Sweet Gift Idea

I think that the best gifts–the ones you never forget–are the ones that come straight from the mushy gooshy heart. You know what I’m talking about. The presents that make you feel completely special. It’s clear that the bestowers of these gifts put in extra thought and extra time, all with the goal of making you happy. 

This, my friends, is one of those gifts.

Rebecca has been my friend for centuries. She is a planner, and when it comes to gifts, she does her leg work in advance. (Why did I not get this gene? My middle name is overnight). 

As a part of her wedding gift to Drew and I, Rebecca wrote out two of her seriously delicious recipes on white cardstock. One for Panko-Crusted Salmon, the other for a Pesto Goat Cheese Sun Dried Tomato Torta. She used pretty FELT TIP pens in coordinating colors (eeeee!!) and wrote everything in her perfectly neat handwriting.

It was the sweetest gift, and it made me want to cry! These are recipes she knew I would love, and it meant so much to know that she’d taken the time to write them out. Yes, email could have sufficed, but it is so much more personal to write. Like, on paper. (Does anyone do that anymore?)

While Rebecca and her bf also included a ton of loot from our registry (and a hilarious poem) with the recipes, I think this could make the perfect gift all on its own! For a girlfriend’s birthday, a housewarming present, or as a thank you for a favor? You could wrap a bundle of them with a pretty ribbon, or even give them with a recipe card box! It says that you care, it’s something everyone can use, PLUS it’s wallet-friendly.

Yes, definitely. Mushy gifts are the best. Thanks again, Becca :)

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3 Responses to Sweet Gift Idea

  1. Sara says:

    This is such a sweet gift!

  2. Rachel says:

    I decided to peek at your “baby blog” after seeing your post on Breakfast at Toast. I love it! I’ll be keeping my eye on you! Your friend Rebecca is TOO SWEET. And HOW does she write so straight on cards without lines? My words always try to run off the page! I certainly hope you plan to try out your recipes and share them with your readers! Also, PICS or it didn’t happen!

    • briannadcook says:

      Hi Rachel! I’m so glad you stopped over to see my blog! I just visited Heroette, too (LOVE the name!), and I’m officially a follower! Great idea to post about these recipes–they are both insanely delish, and everybody should get to see! xoxo

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