Bright and Simple Wall Art

When you walk into our apartment, you’re standing in a long hallway. Long. On the right is our bedroom “door” (more on that later), and down the hall is our open living/kitchen/office area. There are so many things I love about the apartment: 14 foot ceilings, big windows in the living area, spacious kitchen, in-unit washer dryer. However, from the moment we signed the lease, I knew this hallway was going to be so. annoying.

view from the living room (facing the front door)

First I thought, GALLERY WALL obviously–this or this or maybe this. They’re everywhere these days, and I love how it can look eclectic and perfectly imperfect.

The one tiny hiccup in that plan: we have no art. For serious.

Drew, of course, owns an ungodly amount of framed sports memorabilia (what joy). I, on the other hand, have nothing. Everything that has ever lived on my walls in college or afterwards was either a) a lame photo montage of my semester in Spain or b) a rotation of a few family group shots. I think my thought was always “Oh, I’m moving in a year.. not worth it to purchase and hang things!” However, in our first apartment together, I’ve felt a huge sense of urgency to nest. It’s weird! No, I’m not pregnant; I think it’s more about the fact that this is our first “home” together? Whatever, it feels important–even if we’ll only be here for two years.

Back to the wall. The long, blank wall. We were unpacking, and I came across a calendar I’d picked up at Anthro (here’s the 2013 version). I decided that with its bright colors and nicely sized pages, it could work! So I picked up ten of these frames and got to work. IKEA frames can be a pain because you have to install the hanging wire by hand, but once that was done, this was a breeze (thanks to this handy hanging tip.)

We love the results and the color it brings into the hallway! I was really pleased with our ability to fill up the wall by repurposing something we already owned (and bought for about $20). While the cost of the frames does add up, I see us using them forever. Holla if you love ikea.

Bonus: the travel inspired prints are a daily reminder that I want to plan a trip.

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2 Responses to Bright and Simple Wall Art

  1. JGD says:

    Perfect! Love this…….You are such an inspiration! JGD

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