Square Eyes

When I was in elementary school, we used to have Library Day each week. It was my favorite because our library seemed gigantic (it was two stories tall), and it was such a nice change to have class lead by the Librarian instead of the teacher for an hour or so.

One week, Ms. Owens read us The Boy With Square Eyes. REALLY? A boy who watches too much TV and starts seeing everything square? This book terrified me, and I remember interrogating my mom when I got home. Are you sure my eyes aren’t going to turn into squares? You let me watch a lot of TV. You shouldn’t do that. Make me play outside otherwise I’ll die. (Early signs of my hypochondria…ah, the power of suggestion.)

ANYWAYS, I have a point. Drew and I, being newlyweds and never having lived together before, have just begun to broach the abyss that is The TV Wars. We decided together (for a bunch of reasons) that we wanted just one TV in our apartment. I would like to watch lovely, wholesome programs such as The Real Housewives of Anything, Sex and the City re-runs, and New Girl. Drew? Drew would like to watch ESPN. All day, everyday. Cruel and unusual punishment.

What it can feel like to approach our couch…

It’s amazing, but we’ve actually had disagreements about what to watch; some even got a little heated. It finally hit us one night: this. is. stupid. How did we just let TV make us mad at each other? So we came up with a plan…

We each wrote lists (I LOVE LISTS. These pens are life.) of things we could do isntead of watch TV. Well, we were both supposed to write lists, but Drew is stuck in class, and I sit at a computer all day. I did the writing, submitted my list for approval, and here’s what we’ve agreed on:

Card games
Banana Grams
Movie Night (maybe even follow Joanna’s lead and watch all the Best Picture movies? Yes, definitely. Always. Follow Joanna’s lead.)
Date night
Clean (the most popular suggestion)
Go on a walk
Swim in our gym’s pool
Handstand contest
Wine tasting at our local wine store (free tastings on Fridays!)
Book club
Have friends over
Write our wills (morbid)
Go to church
Decorate for Christmas–YES!
Other things :)

We ordered this game and this puzzle. We’ve been going on lots of walks, and we’ve had a couple of movie nights. (We went to see this–we hated it.) It’s really refreshing to not feel trapped/panicky when we sit down on the couch at night… because we really don’t have to turn on that damned TV!

Fingers crossed we can keep this up.

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4 Responses to Square Eyes

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  4. RXP says:

    my favorite options on the list are the handstand contest and cleaning (go figure)
    those pens look awesome, but I don’t think they’ll ever beat these

    love the blog! keep the posts coming!

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