The Lamest Post

This will likely go down as the lamest blog post. In the history of ever. And I would know, because I read plenty of blogs.

I am about 90% sure that I am not getting the job I recently interviewed for. I made it through three rounds of interviews. THREE. Which is a lot of interviews considering I work (term used loosely) in non-profit. I’m almost positive that I’m getting passed over for the other remaining candidate. Boo on that.

Really, I should be telling myself “Nice going! You made it through three rounds and beat out lots of other candidates!” However, that would mean the little troll in my head has nice things to say–which she mostly doesn’t. She is rahooooode.

I wish she looked like this sweet little lady.

Instead, she’s been saying, “You SUCK, Brianna. You really aren’t qualified for anything, and it’s no surprise they want someone else.” I’m paraphrasing here, but she’s usually saying some crap like that.

But she usually has this going on.

I know this all seems super negative and mopey and maybe even a little bit like I’m fishing for compliments? BUT. I’m here to say I’m over this I’M NOT AWESOME mentality, and I’m going to try and turn it around. Taking notes from my pal Neil.


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