I cheat.

I am not someone who gets super attached to beauty products. You know those people that say things like “You have to try this, I’ve been using it since the dawn of man, and it ‘s my go-to that I absolutely never leave home without.” I don’t say things like this, because, generally, I don’t have real allegiances when it comes to products.

Let me be clear–I love everything about beautification. I could spend hours in Sephora just like the next girl. But, I am completely disloyal to the individual glosses, gels, scents, shadows, and creams themselves. I cheat on everyone with everyone else. Sorry, I’m not sorry.

One of each please, thanks.

For me, the fun lies in the novelty of trying out something new and different. Yeah sure, I’ve been using that moisturizer for a while now. It works fine–can’t complain. Actually, I think my skin looks bettter. Scuse? You suggest a different moisturizer? Yes, definitely, I’ll try it. Endorsed by anyone? I like where this is going. It’s more expensive than what I use now? Well then, it must be 100x better; I can’t wait for my new life to start. Where do I sign?

Could this train of thought be a result of the fact that I’m completely shallow and never happy with the way I look? Probably. (I hear you Grandma Stuber, “Pretty is as pretty does”).

Beauty bed-hopping aside, I do practice monogamy on a small scale, with two products. Ok, so two products isn’t monogamy. But, they know about each other, so it’s polyamorous.

The first is this lip treatment. I picked it up a couple of years ago, in that god forsaken check-out line at Sephora (CURSE those little bins and all their goodies that I can never pass up!). It’s moisturizing, contains SPF, has the perfect hint of color, and BONUS–my hair doesn’t get stuck in it when it’s windy… just slides right through. (Isn’t the sticking the worst?!)

The second is this cuticle oil. I use it a lot. Especially sitting at my computer, staring at my foul fingers. People–I’m a cuticle picker. I knoooow, I know. It’s so unattractive and really a habit I’m trying to kick (my husband HATES it). Using this oil helps my cuticles to look smooth and moisturized, and it motivates me to leave them alone.

I hope one day, I can be one of those fancy ladies who has a tried and true beauty regimen. Until then, I’ll be slutting around.

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